My Blog

If you are wondering, what is the “purpose?“, the “goal?”, the “reasoning?“, for MY BLOG… It is simple.

It is MY personal, do whatever I feel like, share what I want, and when I want blog!

So in a nutshell there you go. If you’re looking for profound words of wisdom or professional advice on this or that, then you have come to the wrong place!

Being socially out-going and having done so many different things, I created this blog to capture those moments (digitally) and relate back to them at various random points in my life.

At random I will blog/share the following “categories” as they currently interest me; I will be adding more categories or removing them as I see fit, as again, I would like to remind YOU the READER, this is my damn blog and I can do what I want… I can do what I want.

(My current categories…in alphabetical order)

– A hobby similar to paintball, but without the paint or the “hopper“. I have been actively playing airsoft (amateur level) for a few years and it is a summer sport I have come to love. It’s so easy to get a weekly group together and drive 20 minutes up a canyon and play. It’s more fun when our large group turns it into a airsoft/camping trip far up in the mountains in our own little play ground.

Coaching – I LOVE coaching! I cannot stress this enough! I was born to coach, I am just that good at it. Regardless if its business, sports, life or adventure, I love to do it, learn it ,and coach others through it! Coached youth Basketball past two years and would say coaching kids basketball is by far one of the best things I have done in life.

Family – My first love… (but privacy is the key) You will notice I will blur out my “kids” both the ones I “Coach” and the ones I live for. I have been called an attention “whore” countless times in my life. I do not mind the stage, I do not mind sharing the stage. I do not mind overly sharing the crazy weird thoughts on my mind with you all… BUT I DO MIND sharing the PRIVATE aspects of my kids and wife.

Hockey – Canadian born and raised, enough said! A passionate Canucks fan, and you will see me out playing roller hockey with the neighborhood kids. I have been a devote fan of the Canucks since the early 80’s and they will always hold a special spot in my heart.

The Online Realm – I have a strange addiction to social media, SEO, networking, solving complex systems, and engineering problems all related to the online world we live and play in. I also have a very question asking mind that only Google seems to be able to keep up with.


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