Michael… Who?

It all started back, on a cold fall evening, one September of 1978. Bullet’s flying overhead, bodies scattered around, blood everywhere, and a young baby boy trying to claw its way into the world we all call earth…

OK MAYBE NOT…Maybe that was a little bit over dramatic, and so am I at times.

Hi I’m Michael… Bennett… soon to be O’beirne
Originally born as Thomas Mathew O’beirne

“I am SO LOST!!! This guy is NUTS! SO many names, he must be running? he must be hiding something…” – Your Inner Mono log.

Why the name change? Well here’s My Story

Originally I was born as Thomas Matthew O’beirne , up in the north lands of Canada. I am not exactly sure, ‘why‘ my first name was changed to Michael, but I do vastly remember the day I became Michael.

Sitting at the bottom of the stairwell around 3 or 4 of age, I remember having a discussion with my mother. We were debating new names and Idea’s, I was strongly committed to being called “Batman” but after some going back and forth on other names, and that not being an option, I settled on Michael.

Moving east to west, attending various schools, moving year after year to a new city, my mother meet and she married a wonderful-man who adopted me and legally changed my last name to Bennett, thus I became Michael Thomas Matthew Bennett here in America.

When I was 25 I was blessed with the opportunity to meet my father, and the O’beirne side of the family. I was blown away by how similar we were all alike after no contact in all those years. As our time and relationships grew I have come to learn that the O’beirne name will pass away when my father does.

After many years of debate, researching, questioning and soul searching, I have decided to take on my original name of O’beirne. I love the Bennett clan with all my heart, and made this decision a lot harder to make, as I feel for-ever I am one and always welcomed as part of the Bennett family.

I am doing this to honor myself, as deep down in my blood, my heart, my soul, I know I am an O’beirne to the core and I’m proud to carry on my father’s namesake.

Due to the increasingly insane amounts of red-tape, government building, forms and process, I am hoping to be able to amend my last name and legally carry on both as I have set a valuable name and reputation as Michael Bennett.


Michael Thomas Matthew Bennett/O’beirne


If you need to call me a name, call me “Michael“, or call me “Coach“. If we got to wear suits and you need to call me “Mr…” then call me “Michael“.

Just Me!

3 thoughts on “Michael… Who?

  1. Can I call you Tommy? Or Heath? or Jake?

    or could i just call you Banana? Banana Bennett-O’Beirne I like that. has a nice ring to it.

    (don’t judge me… been watching a whole lot of kids shows lately)

  2. Interesting story! Completely dwarfs mine, which is that my great-great grandfather fell in love with a woman who was the youngest daughter of a man who had no sons. And so, before the father would give his blessing to my ancestor’s proposed marriage of his daughter, he required that my ancestor take on the surname of his would-be father-in-law. And so he did, and thus my last name today.

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