Google’s Panda’s, Penguins and Peacock’s Update

Panda’s, Penguins and Peacock’s… Oh My!

If you are somewhat “edumacated” into the SEO or Google scene then you have heard the terms Google Panda, Google Penguin, and lastly and yet to be released, Google Peacock! Then you have no point of being at this post…

If you have NOT heard of the Google Panda, Penguin or Peacock let’s do a quick “CEO level” of what all three are. I use the term “CEO level” loosely… In referring that most CEO’s in life, you need to talk to them like they are in 5th grade for them to understand. You use any tech jargon, SEO acronyms, and you can see their brain tuning you out, as they day dream, about the next round of golf they are about to sneak off and play.

google panda

Google Panda:

What is Google Panda in short? (click for my previous post on it)

IN SHORT: It’s a “farmer update” as it basically targets the content farms and duplicate content on the web to promote genuine and unique content rank higher in Google search results.

google penguin

Google Penguin:

What is Google Penguin in short?

IN SHORT: It’s a “clean up the bad neighborhoods update” as it basically checks the quality of the links coming to your site. Are your back links coming from rich original content? OR do you have lots of spam websites linking back to you? Are you using black hat link building techniques? Does your website hang out with the “wrong crowds“?

google peacock

Google Peacock:

What is Google Peacock in short?

IN SHORT: It’s a “get rid of the ugly girl update” as it basically will check your website, and if it deems it to be a public eyesore it will auto de-index you, send you an email, letting you know that before it will serve up your website in its results, you better get a face lift, boob job and new prom dress!!!

Michael’s ending thought’s on Google’s Panda, Penguin and soon to be released Peacock are this. I am happy Google is taking the steps it has been lately to try and improve our searching experience. I am excited to see it continue to change, grow, evolve, frustrate me, and in general try and provide me with the best searching experience no matter what it may be.

Also… If you believe that Google Peacock is a upcoming update soon to be released, then please email me your credit card information, password and unlimited access to your bank account…