Research Research Reseach

Do Your Research First!

I can NOT stress the importance of doing your research, your homework, your testing, before diving into any type of project regardless of your industry.

Today I am going to demonstrate such a BASIC EXAMPLE, that everyone should understand, in hopes  it helps stress the importance of doing research on ANYTHING before you make your move!

Lets pretend we have two single men sitting at a bar…

When walks in, a beautiful blonde, that they both can’t stop gawking at…

You do “Paper, Rock Scissors” as fast as you can!!
Winner” quickly heads over to get his “game” on…

And here is The Big Issue

1.) Neither one did any type of research on the girl who just arrived…
2.) They saw what they “thought” they “wanted“…
3.) Without doing any research quickly and without thinking went into action!

Here is the problem…

She Came with this guy, who was out parking the car after dropping her off at the door

He walks in, see’s you trying to get your game on with his girl, who is wearing his RING!

And he happens to be the jealous, protective type and you end up like this!

Get the Picture???

Regardless of who you are, what you do, I can not stress enough doing your homework, doing your research, and really studying something before embarking into new waters or in the case of business, it’s better to spend some money in R/D then to fly by the seat of your pants, or on the mouths of others!


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