The Dirty 30 Challenge

So I asked myself if I could do…
The Dirty 30 Challenge? (I just made it up…)

Can I blog for 30 days straight, not using any automation or pre-scheduled tools…
Just dirty raw hardcore blogging on the spot?

The Dirty 30 Challenge Rules:

– Each blog post must contain at least 1 image/picture.
– Blog posts must contain a minimum of 100 words. (not characters, but actual words.)
– No word stuffing  (adding extra words for the sake of my word count.)
– No Drunk blogging
– No automation or scheduling tools. (blog on the spot!)

First and fore-most I want to de-bunk all the rumors that me and Megan Fox have NOT dated.
Sadly it’s true…

Here we are at Disneyland (I was wearing a lot of sunscreen on my face)

We dated on and off for a few months, maybe years…
I can’t remember it was all one big train wreck!

Here’s a photo she sent me from her Android Phone… (awkward)

Anyways, the world should know about our relationship, it had it’s high’s and it had it’s lows, but over all I can’t complain. Would I do it again? Yes, would it end the same way? Yes!
I feel so much better now that I have that off my chest!

Plus I also completed day 1 of the Dirty 30 Challenge. I will admit this post should only count as half a post… but I did get my challenge rules listed, and I more or less, followed the rules.

This post I guess could be categorized as a “random rant” because I did get a rant off! My next trick will be to update my boring blog and add menu’s and random goodies…

But that’s not going to happen tonight!


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