Think Before You Flick! Your Just Nasty

I have a few reason’s for this blog post;

1. Rant about smokers who flick their ciggette butt’s out the car window on a street.
2. Make a new “Rant” category for my blog to help me express some more or the “real” thoughts I have on a daily basis. (LOL @ me as a daily blogger..shudders @ thought…)
3. To test out this free plugin from Zemanta

Think Before You Flick! Your Just Nasty

Before I get any “your not a smoker, you don’t know man! you can’t relate” haters out there. Let me share my tolerances for smokers as an EX-smoker myself (yes, I failed at smoking and so I QUIT!) HOW-EVER My grand-mother, bless her heart I love her to death, is an Olympic style athlete when it comes to smoking. She can smoke a cigarette, as she is rolling her next one, (yes she is an old school smoker, rolls her own tobacco) while having a conversation, and constantly moving little trinkets around the room. Her walls are stained yellow from the packs she consumes each day… BUTT She is NOT a “flicker!

“What Is A Nasty Ole Flicker?”

ANSWER.) Someone who has just gotten done smoking their ciggerette while driving, window down, and with dis-regard to human health laws, littering, possibly starting a fire (yes that’s a stretch!) too having some young child pick up your butt and put it in it’s still developing mind and “bobs your uncle!” <—<censorship> flicking it out a moving car window!

So here’s my “rant” that started all this…

– I was having a wonderful day, on my drive home from work, window down enjoying the beautiful mountains at a stop light, when: FLICK!

– It happens right in front of me! 25 Feet from an elementary school, kids barreling down the sidewalk… and their she sits, in her high class fancy rolling mini-van! FLICK!

– I watched as it fly’s through the air and onto the sidewalk, landing effortlessly into the glimmering sun like a piece of candy in a child’s eye FLICK!

– “What a horrible monster“, I thought to myself, “and some poor kid calls her mom!” FLICK! 

I am not claiming to be a saint… by all means I’m a sailor with a hockey mouth, but due to current public and human relations management (my wife) I am held by her “censorship law’s”

Did I stop the car and pick up her trash? Nope, I just kept on  going… Did I chase her down and yell at her at the next light? Nope I had to turn right before then (hahaha) Did I envision myself  “flicking” a rocket propelled laser guided missile at her mini-van? absolutely!

Random Rants

I have decided not all my rants will be negative, some will be funny, and others just the weird random things that happen in my life. (has someone dressed up as you for Halloween before?)

I still need to blog about “Hey I got your phone number from a bathroom stall at Walmart, for a good time…” which involved a TWO DAY marathon of a girl who actually responded, played guessing games, via text message for TWO DAYS, before she realized to call the number that was texting her, to figure out who was pranking her. Her text’s are priceless and the story needs to be shared.

And I am not telling another parent (I have “no clue who this is”) that I think this is wrong on so many levels… (again just random)

(Yes I have made the category “random rants” and selected it)


It’s still too early to say. I kinda like the plug in… It was SO EASY to install… Go to the website, select your browser, click install. Log into your wordpress or other blog and you will see its features. For me It found 2 Images that I have found to insert into this “rant” and also I am going to end this post with some of it’s “related articles”. Since this was more a random rant based  post, the related “link building” and other features were not as quite as effective as I believe it can be for future use.

If you read all this, leave a comment… I like people and what they have to say (sometimes)



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