Utah Summer Fun – Not for kids!

I know summer is quickly passing, the wonderful 90 degree’s have quickly dropped to the low 80’s here in Utah… I am still getting out, hiking the trails (Battle Creek, Dry Creek Canyon, etc..) I’m still mountain biking, although I did have a month set back due to damage’s to the bike. (Doing more then I should, lead to a major wipe out…) Running with the wife, who I am proud to say can run the 1.5 mile in about 10 minutes. Working on my outside basketball game, and coaching the amazingly talented Golden Dragons…

I have had an amazing summer, I could go on and on about the zillions of activities my family and myself did…

BUTT! I came across 2 videos that caught my attention… two awesome, amazing summer time activities that I did NOT get to do this year and are planning on making both a goal to do with my friends… Sorry no kids allowed!

Next Years Summer Activity Goals:

(watch in HD) 

1.) Human Sling Shot into Pond.

I can’t picture anything better, then a hot Utah day, (high 90’s) surrounded with 20-30 of my good friends and buddies, splish splashing around in a pool, being pulled down a man-made waterside, and flung 50+ feet into the air, doing tricks, before splashing down into the cool waiting water! Check out the above video, not only is it put together well, you know they all had a SUPER FUN DAY!!

The Second on the List:

(Watch in HD)

2.) Bike Tricks into a Pond.

This one, I doubt I will get as many friends together for this one… as it, has a little bit more of a risk involved. Not much, just a little dirt and the potential for your bike to hit you on the back of the head. Same people who put the video together, of the human sling shot, also did this wonderful video. Imagine… On a dirt bike, on the top of a hill, then you speed down as fast as you can to a man made ready ramp that launches both you and your bike 20 feet into the air, landing “harmlessly” into the awaiting water below… Fish out your bike and go again! AWESOME…

I can’t wait to do both of these next year, I hope to get enough people together, and of course post videos and pictures of our playful day!


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