Kicking Into a Wall

The Mighty Red Wall!!!

As you can see from the picture above, we faced a defensive team that formed a wall using all their players on the field. (I am not sure if that’s 100% legal and will get back to you once I find out.)

I was proud of the Golden Dragon’s for keeping the ball in the offensive zone for 90% of the game, how-ever, I do see as a coach I need to illustrate spacing, positioning and team work a little better.

Sun in the Eyes to Start the Game…

We started off the first half, of the game  with the setting sun to compete against as well, and I am proud of the Golden Dragon for not complaining and just getting out their and playing the game, sun in our eyes and all.

Another image of two of the coach’s, getting the Golden Dragon’s ready for the game…
With the sun as our foe…

We started off well on positioning, but that lasted about 7 minutes, then our team just kept on kicking the ball into the Red Wall!! As you can see, the defense men and goalie look board, as the other team rarely was able to get the ball in our end. GO DRAGONS!

Spread Out… Spread Out… Spread Out…

The signature pose for the game, me trying to get my team to spread out, pass and to go around the red wall. They do listen very well, but still at this age seem to really want to follow the ball… Like a pack of wolves!

Half Time Speech!

I wonder what I am saying to the team here? any guesses?

How Many Dragons Does it Take…

How many Golden Dragon’s does it take to get the ball.. A lot of them!!! I love coaching this young age, and can’t wait for the season to continue as I know I wont have to post about positioning and spreading out again as this team is flat out brilliant and LOVE to play the game hard and the RIGHT way.


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