Golden Dragons @ Practice

I want to start with this beautiful picture, not because I am in it, as we all know, I am pretty damn ugly! What I want to highlight in this photo is the beautiful, stunning, amazing place here in Utah, that I am privileged enough to coach youth soccer.

The weather is perfect, the grass could use a mow, but how could you not get love coaching in such a awesome environment.

Currently our little dragon’s are undefeated this season, I take no credit for it, as its the players who have such large hearts, a willingness to learn, and play their guts out every game. Coaching soccer is teaching me a whole new level of skills. YES I coach basketball and hockey, and do both very well, but soccer I am still learning the rules and the proper fundamentals for this age group (8-10)

Here’s an image of the boys at practice… As you can see we are blessed to have such great weather and a beautiful place to practice.

I know I am a passionate and out going person, but in this next picture captured by my beautiful wife… I feel as it looks like I am “barking” or “yelling“. She assures me I am not coming across that way to the boys or parents, and that they see my honest passion and dedication to every single one of them to make them better. Yes I am loud and not afraid to “really coach with my full heart!”

We have our 4th game tonight, and I know my boys are ready, willing, and wanting to play hard, play right and have fun.  I will leave you with one final image from practice… They wanted to have a drop kicking contest to see who could kick the furthest. Here is one of our brave little dragons giving his best attempted as the team watches on.



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