Look before you Shoot!!!

Anytime I go out shooting, driving a car or jumping into the water, I like to look before I shoot/leap!

My sister is about to get married to a wonderful guy, and I think they are perfect for each other… On Facebook, the Groom to be’s sister posted how happy she was for them all… As you can see below my sense of humor in the situation.

Now, “Pam” I have decided to blank out her name and face, not because I am upset, but so that others do not tease her or give her a hard time. BUT I could not keep this beautiful nugget to myself and had to share with the rest of the world as it made me laugh.

So “Pam” sent me a Private Email:

Like I said, no harm feelings…

Thanks Pam, hope to see you at the wedding and get a BIG HUG from ya!


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