Kobe’s Gotta Gun…

Having extra safety gear and guns, I decided to allow  my 8 year old (soon to be 9 years old, in 5 days) airsofting with me when I go. Currently he is the only kid that goes with us, but everyone is very cool and understanding when he is around.

The first couple outings, he had a lot of fun, but he also got frustrated. He is small, and quick and would help his team capture the flag, he loved being the one with the glory. But he also wanted to shoot people and found his gun to be too large and heavy for him, that he was only able to get 1 kill his first time out. (we played for about 6 hours that day.)

Pictured below you can see Kobe holding a plastic, all electric, full auto – M16

As you can see, even with the shorten stock it, is a little awkward for his smaller frame.

Here is an Image of the gun he has had to use the first 2 times he went out.

Knowing that I enjoy the sport, and he loves it too, and its something we both enjoy doing together I decided to try and help his frustration by modding one of my older guns to fit him better. I don’t want to go out and buy him a new gun, as I feel he needs to earn it, by saving his money and wanting it.

I had an old MP5 with a full butt stock on it…

1.) I REMOVED the full butt stock, INSTANTLY shaving off 11 inches in size on the gun.

2.) Then I double taped the ammo clips to give him x2 500 rounds clips.

3.) Using both electrical and hockey tape to form a “soft” butt end for the gun and added a handle.

Thus I have created… KOBE’S FIRST GUN!

It was a lot of fun, and I can not wait for this week for Kobe to have a gun that better fits his smaller frame. He has tested out the gun on targets and is super excited to try it, and feels he will be able to get more kills now that he has a gun that fits him.

Check out the pictures below to get a better idea of BEFORE and AFTER on the size of gun he has used so far.

Comparison #1.)

Comparison #2.)


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