most important “ranking factor”…

I follow, subscribe and network in all sorts of ways… The other day I noticed a thread taking place on one of my favorite topics!


I am beyond curious, interested and “geeky” about search engines and how they best rank websites. Being in the “internet industry” for about 13+ years now, I have watched search engine’s websites come and go (including a family friendly search website I worked at over 10 years ago,

[Check it out’s MANY website changes Here]

Everyone has their theories and idea’s, as do I, and I will be sharing those with you, here on my blog in the near future.

What got my eye was…

What is the most important “ranking factor” that you as SEO experts have come across?

While everybody had some great answers and ideas, I wanted to share one with you as it echo’s some of my thoughts and beliefs on SEO.

Kim Figor • Great question. “The truth is that it is impossible to know the most important factor. There are thousands of attributes that contribute to Google’s algorithm. Throughout the world there are dozens of experts deciding these algorithms. They do not know each other or what any other expert has contributed towards the algorithm. Now with that said, Google’s first priority is to create a good experience for the end-user. Therefore, it is assumed that relevance is extremely important and meta tags, keywords stuffing and other means of deception on the end-users is quickly using value. Although most of the suggestions provided have been very good, it is important to keep in mind that Google paid or organic is a constant changing entity and never static. Therefore, what may work in on geo for one industry may not work for another. Heck, it may not even work 5 minutes later. The best you can do is constant optimizations that move you in the direction you want to go.

I agree with Kim, knowing from experience that the internet is constantly changing and evolving, and what may have worked in one industry 5 minutes ago may not work for another.

My answer is simple: learn your industry, learn what others are doing that is working correctly for them. Look what works in other industries and see if its applicable to yours. Fail fast and move on, or win quick and continue to adapt and change as the internet does.

There is no ONE answer way of ranking websites, the best way is to be original, be genuine, and change when needed.

Look for future post coming soon…


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