Overtime Win: and BUTT SPANKING!!

Game Two of the Canuck’s – Bruins finals was EXCITING… Alex Burrows scoring the first goal… Then Boston tied the game and went up one… On the power play, Burrows set up Sedin for the tieing goal… OVERTIME.

Man-oh-Man was I ready!!! Edge of my seat anticipation for another exciting, long hard fighting period… They drop the puck for overtime, the Canuck’s enter their zone, Burrows goes behind the net, comes wrapping around and SCORES… 11 seconds into overtime. I guess the Bruins weren’t ready, like most fans still getting their drinks and snacks, that was a very FAST GOAL!

(Check out the overtime goal below)


The canucks did not show up for game 3, well some did… One Canuck was spotted at the wrong arena..

(see Image below)

Bruins: 8 – Canucks: 1??

I have to tip my hat to the bruins, 8 goals!!! That was impressive! I was shocked. I wanted to turn the game off, but after being down 4-0 after 2 periods of play, I knew the game was over. I watched the 3rd, hoping the Canucks would at least win the 3rd. NOPE I was wrong. We got our BUTTS KICKED! 8-1!

Not only was Tim Thomas amazing again for the bruins but he was also dishing out hits like this to our top players! OUCH!

Here’s hoping the Canuck’s show up for game 4…

Go Canucks I Still Love you!


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