Iphone vs. Infuse Android

Todays Contestants: The iPhone vs. Infuse Android
(Pictured Below)

I would consider myself a heavy cell talker, turbo texter, social networker, continuous surfer and random app down loader. My phone’s get used, abused and beaten on. I feel naked with-out my phone and enjoy having endless features and options at my finger tips.

I have tried, tested and owned iPhones, blackberry phone and lots of random phone. I have owned all OS types of phones from Window’s phones, iPhone, blackberry, Androids, and various other OS hacks.

Up to recently, the iPhone has been the standard and staple in my hands… (shown below in my hand)

Boasting the largest library of apps they have, (more than anyone else currently) the sleek style, and how simple it has been to integrate with my personal life the iPhone has been a lone wolf for quite some time. I felt their was no competition.

The camera has been simple and effective for me, the large amounts of games to download has been fun and enjoyable. The iphone has not disappointed me.

And then things changed, when I got my hands on the Samsung Infuse (shown below in my hand has the NEW staple of cell phone use for me.)

At first the larger size was a bit awkward to figure out, but like riding a bicycle, once you get going you know what you’re doing and can do it! SIMPLE!

“I LOVE the “speak-to-text”, bigger screen, higher resolution camera, WIDGETS!, and how simple I can connect all my online properties including docs, music, video’s, emails and all social media accounts.” – Me

Did I mention “speak-to-text” was included in almost every feature of using the phone. Do you want to search google, just talk into your phone and results you get. Want to send a text while driving but don’t want to look down. Just open a text message, press the microphone icon and talk-to-text anyone you want!

[See Details on the Samsung Infuse Here]

Widgets are AWESOME and a quick way to take a fast peak at a larger picture of something. Currently I am using the widgets, Advanced Task Killer, Battery, Google Speak Search, Weather, NHL, NBA and various other widgets. They are awesome.

Every day I am finding a new use for my infuse as either a tool for my personal life or professional life. I would highly recommend this phone to any person who is constantly using their phone in some capacity.

Michael’s Rating: 5 Stars

(More Infuse Photo’s Below)


2 thoughts on “Iphone vs. Infuse Android

  1. Wait … you have an android phone now? And we’re not playing scrabble?? With your amazing spelling abilities … what amazing games we’d have!

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