Airsoft… Just another Hobby of Mine

I first got into the “Airsoft” scene about two years ago with a few friends of mine. The main influence was a friend we call “Gunner“, and his passion for the sport. I joined him and a few other friends one morning up the mountain all geared up in camo not knowing what to expect.

Gunner had brought up a wide variety of Airsoft guns and was more than generous in lending them out to us “newbie’s” to find out if it was something we would enjoy. Not only did I enjoy it, I LOVED IT! What’s not to love about playing “G.I.Joe” with your friends, dressed up in camo, hunting each other in the woods with 1 to 1 military looking, feel, and weight, full metal Airsoft guns.

The next day a few of us “newbie’s” went out to our local hobby store (which is no longer around) and we bought, what we thought, looked and felt best, based off 1 day experience…

My first gun (Shown Here) was a “Unknown Brand” M4A1 with plastic casing and gear box.

My First Gun

It was fun, light weight, looked and functioned well… I had a blast. I no longer have the box and can’t find a make or manufacture anywhere, but it was only $79 “newbie’s” gun to see if it was a hobby I would want to continue.

So I grabbed my gun, taped up my mag’s to have dual mag’s, bought a safety hat and went off to play.

Ready to Play!

After a while, I was still loving the sport, but was constantly out gunned, by others who had a better quality gun. Mine was limited to about 60-80 feet on range, and a FPS of about 250-280 while everyone else had guns well over the 300 FPS mark.

I did a little research and found a mid-level Airsoft gun I really liked and picked up

A&K S-System – M4A1 Spec. Ops Electric Airsoft Rifle. Check her out

My Second Gun

Here are the general specs on the gun and what it came with:

  • Full metal gearbox (version 2) and gears
  • Full metal barrel
  • Full metal RIS Rails, Sights, Magazine, trigger, and Battery Compartment.
  • Rechargeable battery & charger
  • 1100mAh – 8.4 volt battery
  • (3) Metal R.I.S. Rails
  • R.I.S. Forgrip (not shown in picture)
  • Dual Clipped 500 Round metal magazine’s
  • FPS: 280-330
  • 34″ Overall
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs

Gun 2 Ready to Play!

This year, I have gotten back into it with more friends on a constant weekly basis. I decided I wanted to buy another mid-level Airsoft gun ,as a lot has changed with the Airsoft industry in the last two years.

With a few of my friends we checked out a new local store called WEAPON BLENDER AIRSOFT in Utah County.

I picked myself up on of these…
CYMA – AK-47 Folding Stock (Black)


My Third Gun!

Basic stat of this gun are:

  • Type (power source) Electric (AEG)
  • Velocity 380+ fps w/.20g
  • Rate of Fire 700-800rpm
  • Weight 8.90 LBS
  • Length  27.5″/36.5 (Stock Folded/Extended)
  • Motor Short
  • Gear Box Version 3 – Metal
  • Hopup Adjustable
Two pictures below; one open stock, the other with view of up-graded mask.

AK with folding stock open!

New Mask! Ready to Play

My son has started joining us and uses one of my first two guns when he comes out and plays with us. Don’t worry he is well protected and geared. It’s been more fun with him getting into it, and its something I enjoy weekly

Later this summer I am hoping to pick this little beauty up…


Click on picture to learn more about the KWA KRA SR10 I can’t stop drooling about…


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