The Canucks and the Magic of May 24th

Last night was an amazing night to be a Canucks fan. Not only did we advanced to the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, but we did it in a very familiar way.

17 Years ago, 1994 May 24th The Canucks were playing a double over-time game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Trevor Lindon took the puck into the attacking zone, passed back out to Dave Babych, who slapped a shot on net, the puck rebounds out to Greg Adams who scored the game winner on a back hand shot to beat Felix “The Cat” Potvin.

Watch Below as Greg Adams helps win it for the Canucks back in 1994.

Now 17 years later on the EXCATE same date, the Canucks found themselves in the same position, this time against the San Jose Sharks. Win in over-time to advance to the finals, or lose and let the opposing team survive to fight another game. Last night, on May 24th 2011, in Vancouver again, the Canucks were in the same position, double over-time. Win and goto the Stanley Cup Finals.


At first it appears that the puck dis-appears off the ice into thin air. The camera men were confused, the crowd was confused, the players had no idea where the puck was… All except for Kevin Bieksa who noticed the puck take the most awkward bounce off the glass it has ever taken, rolling out to the blue line. He takes the knuckle rolling puck, and slaps it past the goalie who was looking behind the net for the goal. By the time the goalie found the puck, it was sliding past him and into the goal.

Watch Below as Kevin Bieksa wins it in double over-time.


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