Tips For Coaching Youth Basketball Boys 8-10 Year Old.

Here are a Few of MY Tips For Coaching Youth Basketball Boys 8-10 Year Old.

Coaching Basketball Boys 8-10

For the past two years I have been lucky enough to Coach basketball to boys ages 8-10. Having always been a fan of the game, and really only learning about basketball when I moved *stateside when I was 18, I was a bit nervous to take the helm for the first time, as Head Commander and Chief, The COACH!

(* Stateside: A term us Canadian’s use when, one has deflected from the comfort of the homeland, and settle south of the CANADIAN border… Yes America I am talking to YOU!!! You also have a northern border, eh!)

In the previous league I coached in, the basketball courts are not quite the full NBA size, nor are the balls. There is no 3 point line, and officially “they” don’t keep score, as the focus of the league at this age is to teach fundamentals, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Some might say that our teams never lost, some might say we had the most fun, and some might think we had better basketball players. I would like to think that all three statements are true. YES some parents may have kept score at some of the games and let me know the positive outcome. YES some will say we had the most fun, as I don’t believe any other team had a mid-season dodge ball/practice party to increase team moral, and season ending pizza party. YES we had better basketball players, because they were allowed to be what they wanted to be on the court, just basketball players.

FORGET about teaching them about position’s (aka: PG, SG, SF…) Forget about teaching them set plays and defensive sets! FORGET IT! You are doing those boys a dis-service by NOT developing them as OVER ALL, Fundamentally Strong, Basketball Players, who LOVE to play the game as a TEAM!

That being said, let me teach you a few secrets that will help you become a better coach in any sport at this age… LEARN WHO THEY ARE… Take time to listen, acknowledge and try to teach them they best way for them to learn. To be a GREAT coach, you HAVE TO be a GREAT listener.

Coaching Youth Basketball - Take a Knee
Take a KNEE and get down on their level when you coach them.

So now that I have given you almost the entire playbook you will need… Aside from a few small details I will share later… you are good to go!

Let’s review what “tricks”, “secrets”, “tactics”, or just basic coaching tips for boys basketball:

1.) Learn how your players like to learn.
2.) Listen to them and learn who they are as people.
3.) Coach them to be the best basketball player they can be.

If you can really focus and do the first three things I have listed above, then practice time will become easier. You will know what drills to run, you will know when to take a break, and you will learn when to push them to their limits…

IF you first learn who they are as people and players.

Once you learn how they like to be taught, you can then start influencing their decisions. THIS IS KEY! It’s psychological warfare at its best. Let THEM make the decision that they WANT to play as a team, that THEY WANT to become better basketball players and that THEY WANT to be there because THEY made the decision for themselves. If they don’t want to be there, don’t waste your time trying to force them, let them decide if they want to be there or not.

FUNDAMENTALS. I love this word, it’s long and I feel so “S-M-R-T” when I say it… It also happens to be the next BEST thing you can coach boys basketball.

Focus on the FUNDAMENTALS!!! This is HUGE!!! 
Focus on the correct way to shoot a ball, the right way to do layups, and the basics of PASSING and TEAMWORK!

1.) How to Shoot a basketball.
– Elbow in, finger tips on ball, follow through and squaring up… Basic’s people…

2.) Layup’s.
– Don’t just let them “push shot” it in, but encourage them to flip it up from the hand they are attempting the layup with. Encourage the right foot/left hand and the left foot/right hand basic’s.

3.) Passing.
– If you have a team full of kids that can shoot and layup the ball, logically the next step would be learning how to put the ball into the hands that can finish. Teach them the bounce pass, cheast pass, over the top pass, and simple one hander pass for the fast break. Encourage team work and trusting in each other.

Ok so that should get you through your very first 30 minutes of coaching basketball practice, the rest is up to you and the team. Remember to have fun, because if you’re NOT having fun…then STOP COACHING and go do something YOU WANT to do.

One Advanced Tip for New Coaches…

TWEEEEET…”Toe’s to the line, ball’s behind me, ears up!” – Coach Michael

My Almost Date with Quasimodo

My almost date with Quasimodo

I decided to share this store for a few reasons;

1.) It’s quite funny.
2.) It’s a true story.
3.) I could have had ugly kids!

Let’s begin with giving a little backdrop on who I “was” at the time… I was a 19 or 20 years old kid, who went to dance clubs 4-5 times a week, and was QUITE IMMATURE! I wore earrings, would buy myself a new pair of shoes and outfit once a week, and had poor judgment in choices I constantly made. I was VERY shallow when it came to the “types” of girl I would “date”…

One night I was playing roller hockey with a bunch of bikers (yes big burly hairy men on roller blades) when after, when we were “shooting the breeze” (basically talking rude about women) when one of the guys suggested a girl I would like.

She is PERFECT for you… Tanned, Blonde, Athletic, Funny, Out-Going and into metro-sexual guys.” she also happened to be a ex-cheerleader of her high school team. Knowing half the women these guys had on their bikes, I foolishly took the bait. “Here let me give you her number

Right there and then, in front of the guys, I called her (acting all “joe cool”) let her know, who I was and how I got her number and started a conversation. She was impressed and so was I…

We continued to text and call each other over a week, to a point I could no longer handle my anticipation of my future wife, and asked if she would be interested in meeting me. SHE SAID YES.

I was super excited, I was pumped up and actually broke some of my own “players handbook rules” in preparation to meet her.

We set up to meet in a pubic open place for coffee, to determine if there would be any future interest on ether part of us going on a “date“. For the record, we met at the Sandy Mall in Utah, on the second level overlooking the escalator. I told her I would be coming up the escalator and let her know what I would be wearing…

As always I decided to switch things up and come from behind, entering on the second level and seeing what she looked like first so in the event she was not up to “par” I would sneak back from the way I came in. (yeah I was a real “prize”)

Entering the mall I was a little nervous, she sounded like she was perfect for me and the hottest girl on the planet. As I turned the corner, there she was…
Tanned, Blonde, Toned, and STUNNING looking.

Beautiful from Behind

With each step, I practiced my “hello” speech as I watched her perfectly blonde hair, flow effortlessly through the air, from behind.

I took a big gulp of air as I tapped her on the sholder and waited as she slowly turned around!

quasimodo face butter her body

OMG!!! What the ugly??? Why is your ear where your nose should be? Is your mouth on your fore-head? Did your face hit EVERY single branch on the ugly tree? Where are your lips?

She was just so ugly that only a mother and father could love her!

quasimodo face

I was mortified (again I am displaying my immature thought process from 14+ years ago) What on earth am I going to do? I thought to myself.

So I did what came naturally and was my out-going flirtatious self. But the problem was… SHE LOVED ME!!!

We sat and had coffee (fasted I ever drank a coffee, yet it seemed like forever at the time.) She wanted to go out right then and there!

Oh no we have a problem… we have 2 car’s here, let’s go another night” I state… “Not a problem, just follow me home, we’ll drop of my car and I’m yours all night long!” (I was trapped.)

As I am driving behind her, I try and slow down and “miss lights” or let car’s “cut me off” in hopes of losing her in traffic. BUT NOOOOO… She would slow down, stop at yellow’s and ensure she did not lose me. “CRAP!

We pulled up to her house, (she lived with her parents at the time) run’s up to my car window… “I’ll be right back, let me drop of my keys, and tell my mom how wonderful you are, I am so excited for tonight.” Then a part of her, I am assuming it was her lips, kissed my fore-head, then she went towards her house.

A “brilliant plan” started to formulate in my head. OK it was not brilliant it was just what any stupid young punk kid like myself at the time would do.

I watched, and waited for the door to reach its sealed point of closure and I dropped the gear into first and gave it all she had, 0-60 in 20 seconds!!! (factually that as fast as the 2000 civic ex model could go.)

Yes I took off! Yes I turned off my cell phone! Yes I had a few hateful voice mails I had to delete! and yes I have to be proud of that moment, because… I would not be married to the beautiful woman I am today, nor would I have the beautiful children I have. All mouths, nose ears and toes all belong in the right places!

I hope you can find the humor in this post and note that I have grown and treat ugly people just the same way I treat myself (cause let’s be honest, I’m pretty damn ugly!)

Google’s Panda’s, Penguins and Peacock’s Update

Panda’s, Penguins and Peacock’s… Oh My!

If you are somewhat “edumacated” into the SEO or Google scene then you have heard the terms Google Panda, Google Penguin, and lastly and yet to be released, Google Peacock! Then you have no point of being at this post…

If you have NOT heard of the Google Panda, Penguin or Peacock let’s do a quick “CEO level” of what all three are. I use the term “CEO level” loosely… In referring that most CEO’s in life, you need to talk to them like they are in 5th grade for them to understand. You use any tech jargon, SEO acronyms, and you can see their brain tuning you out, as they day dream, about the next round of golf they are about to sneak off and play.

google panda

Google Panda:

What is Google Panda in short? (click for my previous post on it)

IN SHORT: It’s a “farmer update” as it basically targets the content farms and duplicate content on the web to promote genuine and unique content rank higher in Google search results.

google penguin

Google Penguin:

What is Google Penguin in short?

IN SHORT: It’s a “clean up the bad neighborhoods update” as it basically checks the quality of the links coming to your site. Are your back links coming from rich original content? OR do you have lots of spam websites linking back to you? Are you using black hat link building techniques? Does your website hang out with the “wrong crowds“?

google peacock

Google Peacock:

What is Google Peacock in short?

IN SHORT: It’s a “get rid of the ugly girl update” as it basically will check your website, and if it deems it to be a public eyesore it will auto de-index you, send you an email, letting you know that before it will serve up your website in its results, you better get a face lift, boob job and new prom dress!!!

Michael’s ending thought’s on Google’s Panda, Penguin and soon to be released Peacock are this. I am happy Google is taking the steps it has been lately to try and improve our searching experience. I am excited to see it continue to change, grow, evolve, frustrate me, and in general try and provide me with the best searching experience no matter what it may be.

Also… If you believe that Google Peacock is a upcoming update soon to be released, then please email me your credit card information, password and unlimited access to your bank account…

When Men SHOULD go to the Bathroom Together!

In my quest to complete my Dirty 30 Challenge, I have decided to share a true story with you.

When it’s “OK” for Men, to go to the Bathroom Together!

I know, coming from me, a germ-apho, a guy who enjoys the public bathroom empty when I use it, this sounds alarmingly strange. I am saying from real life experience, when it is OK to go to the bathroom with another guy. Yes we all know girls go in droves together and spend countless hours doing who knows what? BUT NORMALY MEN SHOULD NEVER GOTO THE RESTROOM TOGETHER! I am not talking about random men meeting in a public bathroom, but I am talking about when 2 guys are out on a double date with 2 girls, and one kicks the other under the table and says “I need to use the restroom” and Man B says “Oh, so do I, I will join you, wait here ladies…”

The Story:

Back in my dating year, 99+ years ago… I used to enjoy random dating, and dated a lot of girls. I knew how to have fun, and I knew how to attract, and keep a women’s attention long enough until I got bored. I have countless, humorous stories that will come when I decide to share.

A buddy of mine and I had meet a couple of knock-out, drop dead gorgeous girls, the night before while out clubbing. (not killing seal’s, but actually participating in going from dance club to dance club…ewe I was that guy) We hung out for a bit, long enough to get their numbers and set up a dinner date the follow night.

We meet them at the restaurant, and they were “fashionably late” by 30 minutes or so, but looked amazing! I mean they had every man gawking at them. We felt “pretty good” about ourselves. We were quickly seated after their arrival in the main “trolley” of the place. The girls were giggling, laughing at our jokes, and then HORROR STRUCK IN!

They opened their mouths to talk!

“oh my gosh, like your so totally funny, like oh my gosh, I totally love, that you love life, like wow!” Seriously? Did we have that much to drink the previous night that our EARS had shut off! How’d did we miss we had just picked up two chain smoking, barbie dolls, with out brains??? It was horrible, the second they opened the menu and were, “like seriously, oh my gosh, i don’t know if Back Street Boys or Nysnc are hotter, like oh wow, serious debate”… They were not even READING, odds are they probably could not read.

OK this is a NO BRAINIER! This calls for…

Men Going to the Bathroom Together!

SO I kick my buddy under the table to get his attention, and I sure did… He looked at me with that “that hurt, what you do that for?” look. I gave him the, we need to talk and we need to talk now.

At first, he did not understand, so I kicked him again, gave him the, “I am dead serious, get off your butt and meet me at the bathroom” look. He stood up, “exscuse me ladies I need to use the rest room.” In which I quickly replied, “oh me too, great idea, I’ll join you, don’t you go any where ladies… we’ll be right back.”

We get to the men’s room, I start to wash my hands, and give my hair a one over, while he’s all over me repeatedly saying “dude, what’s your problem? I’m starved let’s go order.” I finished drying my hands, and said, “you ready to get out of here?, cause I am, and I’m driving!”

The blank stare and reboot of his brain was priceless.

WHAT are you nuts? are you kidding me? These chicks are smoking… besides that would be rude of us, dude way low.” I let him rant, and catch his breath, before I replied, “They are way to stupid for us, we deserve way better, i’ll buy you a burger and a beer somewhere else, Let’s go.”

Lucky for us the bathrooms were located right by the front exit and out of line of sight of our dim-witted, bad choice of a selection for a date, girls. We quickly shut our phones off, and booked it running, out to our car, like the cops were chasing us. Jumped in the car and Indy 500 it out of the parking lot!

Looking back, do I feel guilty. YES! I should have drank less the night before, and really did my homework, talked a bit more to them before wasting the valuable youth of my life!

I hope you can find the humor in this as I was barley 21 and didn’t know my left hand from my right.


Research Research Reseach

Do Your Research First!

I can NOT stress the importance of doing your research, your homework, your testing, before diving into any type of project regardless of your industry.

Today I am going to demonstrate such a BASIC EXAMPLE, that everyone should understand, in hopes  it helps stress the importance of doing research on ANYTHING before you make your move!

Lets pretend we have two single men sitting at a bar…

When walks in, a beautiful blonde, that they both can’t stop gawking at…

You do “Paper, Rock Scissors” as fast as you can!!
Winner” quickly heads over to get his “game” on…

And here is The Big Issue

1.) Neither one did any type of research on the girl who just arrived…
2.) They saw what they “thought” they “wanted“…
3.) Without doing any research quickly and without thinking went into action!

Here is the problem…

She Came with this guy, who was out parking the car after dropping her off at the door

He walks in, see’s you trying to get your game on with his girl, who is wearing his RING!

And he happens to be the jealous, protective type and you end up like this!

Get the Picture???

Regardless of who you are, what you do, I can not stress enough doing your homework, doing your research, and really studying something before embarking into new waters or in the case of business, it’s better to spend some money in R/D then to fly by the seat of your pants, or on the mouths of others!

The Dirty 30 Challenge

So I asked myself if I could do…
The Dirty 30 Challenge? (I just made it up…)

Can I blog for 30 days straight, not using any automation or pre-scheduled tools…
Just dirty raw hardcore blogging on the spot?

The Dirty 30 Challenge Rules:

– Each blog post must contain at least 1 image/picture.
– Blog posts must contain a minimum of 100 words. (not characters, but actual words.)
– No word stuffing  (adding extra words for the sake of my word count.)
– No Drunk blogging
– No automation or scheduling tools. (blog on the spot!)

First and fore-most I want to de-bunk all the rumors that me and Megan Fox have NOT dated.
Sadly it’s true…

Here we are at Disneyland (I was wearing a lot of sunscreen on my face)

We dated on and off for a few months, maybe years…
I can’t remember it was all one big train wreck!

Here’s a photo she sent me from her Android Phone… (awkward)

Anyways, the world should know about our relationship, it had it’s high’s and it had it’s lows, but over all I can’t complain. Would I do it again? Yes, would it end the same way? Yes!
I feel so much better now that I have that off my chest!

Plus I also completed day 1 of the Dirty 30 Challenge. I will admit this post should only count as half a post… but I did get my challenge rules listed, and I more or less, followed the rules.

This post I guess could be categorized as a “random rant” because I did get a rant off! My next trick will be to update my boring blog and add menu’s and random goodies…

But that’s not going to happen tonight!

Think Before You Flick! Your Just Nasty

I have a few reason’s for this blog post;

1. Rant about smokers who flick their ciggette butt’s out the car window on a street.
2. Make a new “Rant” category for my blog to help me express some more or the “real” thoughts I have on a daily basis. (LOL @ me as a daily blogger..shudders @ thought…)
3. To test out this free plugin from Zemanta

Think Before You Flick! Your Just Nasty

Before I get any “your not a smoker, you don’t know man! you can’t relate” haters out there. Let me share my tolerances for smokers as an EX-smoker myself (yes, I failed at smoking and so I QUIT!) HOW-EVER My grand-mother, bless her heart I love her to death, is an Olympic style athlete when it comes to smoking. She can smoke a cigarette, as she is rolling her next one, (yes she is an old school smoker, rolls her own tobacco) while having a conversation, and constantly moving little trinkets around the room. Her walls are stained yellow from the packs she consumes each day… BUTT She is NOT a “flicker!

“What Is A Nasty Ole Flicker?”

ANSWER.) Someone who has just gotten done smoking their ciggerette while driving, window down, and with dis-regard to human health laws, littering, possibly starting a fire (yes that’s a stretch!) too having some young child pick up your butt and put it in it’s still developing mind and “bobs your uncle!” <—<censorship> flicking it out a moving car window!

So here’s my “rant” that started all this…

– I was having a wonderful day, on my drive home from work, window down enjoying the beautiful mountains at a stop light, when: FLICK!

– It happens right in front of me! 25 Feet from an elementary school, kids barreling down the sidewalk… and their she sits, in her high class fancy rolling mini-van! FLICK!

– I watched as it fly’s through the air and onto the sidewalk, landing effortlessly into the glimmering sun like a piece of candy in a child’s eye FLICK!

– “What a horrible monster“, I thought to myself, “and some poor kid calls her mom!” FLICK! 

I am not claiming to be a saint… by all means I’m a sailor with a hockey mouth, but due to current public and human relations management (my wife) I am held by her “censorship law’s”

Did I stop the car and pick up her trash? Nope, I just kept on  going… Did I chase her down and yell at her at the next light? Nope I had to turn right before then (hahaha) Did I envision myself  “flicking” a rocket propelled laser guided missile at her mini-van? absolutely!

Random Rants

I have decided not all my rants will be negative, some will be funny, and others just the weird random things that happen in my life. (has someone dressed up as you for Halloween before?)

I still need to blog about “Hey I got your phone number from a bathroom stall at Walmart, for a good time…” which involved a TWO DAY marathon of a girl who actually responded, played guessing games, via text message for TWO DAYS, before she realized to call the number that was texting her, to figure out who was pranking her. Her text’s are priceless and the story needs to be shared.

And I am not telling another parent (I have “no clue who this is”) that I think this is wrong on so many levels… (again just random)

(Yes I have made the category “random rants” and selected it)


It’s still too early to say. I kinda like the plug in… It was SO EASY to install… Go to the website, select your browser, click install. Log into your wordpress or other blog and you will see its features. For me It found 2 Images that I have found to insert into this “rant” and also I am going to end this post with some of it’s “related articles”. Since this was more a random rant based  post, the related “link building” and other features were not as quite as effective as I believe it can be for future use.

If you read all this, leave a comment… I like people and what they have to say (sometimes)


What is Google Panda

What is Google Panda?

Google decided to adopt an animal and make it the new logo for the company. They interviewed all animals and decided on the Panda. Ok joke’s aside, Google Panda is an improvement to Google’s search algorithm which helps Google to fight content robbers and spammers.

IN SHORT: It’s a “farmer update” as it basically targets the content farms and duplicate content on the web to promote genuine and unique content rank higher in Google search results.

The intent of Panda was “designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites–sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites–sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on,” Google told us.

How will it affect me?

If you are a webmaster and if you copy other peoples content and publish it on your web site beware Google Panda will eat you up and spit you into the deepest realms of their search results. Google mainly deployed this new algorithm to prevent content farmers

Also, avoid all of the spammy links that can pump traffic your way which is just not relevant to the site you have.

In fact, if you think about, your site stands a very good chance of actually rising in the rankings if you are not practicing any shady tactics.

What should I do to ensure I am not affected by Panda?

It is better to focus on the ‘less is more’ concept and focus on high quality, rich content. Avoid giving off the appearance that you are merely posting content to get traffic for ads. Make ads sparse and they have more impact to the visitor. These 3 points are paramount, but you also want the title tags of your page to match the content so don’t ‘trick’ Google.

Some SEO Helpful Tips:

1.)    No Duplicate content!!! Don’t copy/paste, be original. Add your own flavor, style and relevant content to your website. Also never let anyone copy your content to their website

2.)    Don’t forget to use rel=”nofollow” in order to tell Search engine that your website is not spam or only used to give link juice to other website.

3.)    Less might = more when it comes to ads on your site. I cannot guarantee this will works, but it is one of the new strategy from Ezinearticles which they will reduce some ads on their article to make sure their website is quality.

4.)    Quality content is KING! Besides being original, avoiding copy/pasting from other sites. Write your content so it is relevant to your site and your marketing strategy.

5.)    Analytics, Analytics, Analytics – I don’t care which analytics software you use to track your website, but don’t neglect it. After any update from Google, or changes you make to your website, study your analytics and see the effects it has either positive or negative. Understand what works and stick with it.

Fun Fact: Why is it called Panda?

Well, we named it internally after an engineer, and his name is Panda. So internally we called a big Panda. He was one of the key guys. He basically came up with the breakthrough a few months back that made it possible.

Here is the Full interview

Utah Summer Fun – Not for kids!

I know summer is quickly passing, the wonderful 90 degree’s have quickly dropped to the low 80’s here in Utah… I am still getting out, hiking the trails (Battle Creek, Dry Creek Canyon, etc..) I’m still mountain biking, although I did have a month set back due to damage’s to the bike. (Doing more then I should, lead to a major wipe out…) Running with the wife, who I am proud to say can run the 1.5 mile in about 10 minutes. Working on my outside basketball game, and coaching the amazingly talented Golden Dragons…

I have had an amazing summer, I could go on and on about the zillions of activities my family and myself did…

BUTT! I came across 2 videos that caught my attention… two awesome, amazing summer time activities that I did NOT get to do this year and are planning on making both a goal to do with my friends… Sorry no kids allowed!

Next Years Summer Activity Goals:

(watch in HD) 

1.) Human Sling Shot into Pond.

I can’t picture anything better, then a hot Utah day, (high 90’s) surrounded with 20-30 of my good friends and buddies, splish splashing around in a pool, being pulled down a man-made waterside, and flung 50+ feet into the air, doing tricks, before splashing down into the cool waiting water! Check out the above video, not only is it put together well, you know they all had a SUPER FUN DAY!!

The Second on the List:

(Watch in HD)

2.) Bike Tricks into a Pond.

This one, I doubt I will get as many friends together for this one… as it, has a little bit more of a risk involved. Not much, just a little dirt and the potential for your bike to hit you on the back of the head. Same people who put the video together, of the human sling shot, also did this wonderful video. Imagine… On a dirt bike, on the top of a hill, then you speed down as fast as you can to a man made ready ramp that launches both you and your bike 20 feet into the air, landing “harmlessly” into the awaiting water below… Fish out your bike and go again! AWESOME…

I can’t wait to do both of these next year, I hope to get enough people together, and of course post videos and pictures of our playful day!

Kicking Into a Wall

The Mighty Red Wall!!!

As you can see from the picture above, we faced a defensive team that formed a wall using all their players on the field. (I am not sure if that’s 100% legal and will get back to you once I find out.)

I was proud of the Golden Dragon’s for keeping the ball in the offensive zone for 90% of the game, how-ever, I do see as a coach I need to illustrate spacing, positioning and team work a little better.

Sun in the Eyes to Start the Game…

We started off the first half, of the game  with the setting sun to compete against as well, and I am proud of the Golden Dragon for not complaining and just getting out their and playing the game, sun in our eyes and all.

Another image of two of the coach’s, getting the Golden Dragon’s ready for the game…
With the sun as our foe…

We started off well on positioning, but that lasted about 7 minutes, then our team just kept on kicking the ball into the Red Wall!! As you can see, the defense men and goalie look board, as the other team rarely was able to get the ball in our end. GO DRAGONS!

Spread Out… Spread Out… Spread Out…

The signature pose for the game, me trying to get my team to spread out, pass and to go around the red wall. They do listen very well, but still at this age seem to really want to follow the ball… Like a pack of wolves!

Half Time Speech!

I wonder what I am saying to the team here? any guesses?

How Many Dragons Does it Take…

How many Golden Dragon’s does it take to get the ball.. A lot of them!!! I love coaching this young age, and can’t wait for the season to continue as I know I wont have to post about positioning and spreading out again as this team is flat out brilliant and LOVE to play the game hard and the RIGHT way.